Working with your TEAM

29th March 2018


This one of the Core Features of AMBIT, both as a core practice, and in the stance principle Keyworker well-connected to wider team. This page gives a brief introduction and links to ideas about AMBIT-Teamworking, and how you can use these in YOUR LOCAL TEAM.

What's here?

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Material specific to AMBIT's approach to team working
OUR Team
Developing OUR Team rather than "making our team into an AMBIT team" is the point!
Core Features of AMBIT
This covers all parts of the AMBIT Wheel
SUSTAIN best practice
Supporting teams to work in sustainable ways (beyond mere heroism) is a primary aim
Includes boundaries & local rituals/disciplines such as Thinking Together
Developing learning organisations
AMBIT is about explicitly attending to developing a team culture
AMBIT training
Training in AMBIT is exclusively team-based for good reasons
Rituals and Disciplines
Local rituals and disciplines that define a team culture are what AMBIT training helps teams start to choose
Problems in teams
Problems occur in every team & are opportunities to learn
Clear, well-marked boundaries help reduce risks and problems in teams
Roles and Responsibilities in an AMBIT team
Clarifying roles and responsibilities is a critical (and recurring) conversation
Monitoring OUTCOMES
Monitoring outcomes (and evaluating these) indicates learning from your Experts By Experience

Video on AMBIT and Team Working

By Liz Cracknell, one of the senior AMBIT Trainers - here she is addressing a Training for AMBIT Local Trainers:

Team working in AMBIT - the "well-connected team"

AMBIT is a method of working that involves the team as a whole - and in particular how we try to use Mentalization to structure and support team working, and in particular to help the team support the individual KeyWorker.

Indeed, in earlier versions of AMBIT the SupervisoryStructures in teams were given as the "core feature" of AMBIT, rather than "Working with your team" in more general terms.

AMBIT promotes the development of principles and specific practices that support team practice that are underpinned by the use of Mentalization. These principles and practices (the Core Features of AMBIT) can be adapted for a wide range of different service structures. AMBIT does not specify the managerial or organisational arrangements for teams which use this approach.

The AMBIT approach aims to enable local expertise to work more effectively by explicitly finding ways to:
  • Support practitioners to remain well connected to other team members
  • Support practitioners to take responsibility for stimulating and sustaining each others' Mentalization

This particularly happens through a key process which we call Thinking Together.

Diversity, with common core features

Another of the Core Features of AMBIT, is to start with the assumption of respect for local expertise (Respect local practice and expertise) both in the team, in wider networks, and in the KeyWorker. Thus, developing your LOCAL Teamworking is key!

As part of the development of a local team culture, local teams should record (learn about this at Manualization, or to get doing it at + Manualize our work)) their own expertise and protocols (OUR LOCAL Resources and Practice and OUR LOCAL Teamwork and Governance) in their local version of the manual.