Working with your CLIENT

29th March 2018
One of the Core Features of AMBIT is using Mentalization in face to face work with your clients.
Active Planning most centrally captures this, but there are a wide range of other aspects of face to face working that are also gathered under this heading as sub-topics (click the Show references and info panel of this page to reveal these). The main ones are listed right below here:
Phases of AMBIT work
Orienting yourself to what should be happening, and when
Active Planning
AMBIT's Mentalization-based approach to co-producing rationally-sequenced & effective action plans
Relationship to help
How different clients respond differently to offers of help, and how to adapt the offer
Making sense of and managing the therapeutic relationship between worker & client.
Managing Risk
Managing risk in general (& its pitfalls) and in relation to specific situations
Lists specific situations in direct face-to-face work (problems, scenarios, etc; not necessarily "clinical" in the technical sense) with suggested responses
Tasks & Problems to manage
Lists general range of problems arising in work, with links to more specific areas/solutions
lists range of "manualized" interventions that might help, organised by the domain you want to work in (individual, family, etc)
Specific interventions
Lists links to specific guides ("how to do it" manuals) on a range of simple evidence-based interventions
Checklists to guide practitioners through key steps in a variety of tasks/phases of work described in this manual
I'm stuck: what next?
Other material, useful if your efforts to keep the work moving have stalled.
Gathered and planned during assessment, these should be updated and added to throughout the work
Our Resources
List resources available to your local team (local teams cam use manualizing sessions to populate this topic themselves)
Monitoring OUTCOMES
links to activities and resources directed at assessing whether the work of the team is effective.