The AMBIT Pro-Gram

29th March 2018

A tool for mapping the professional network around a client

This is a paper version of Sculpting a network. It is helpful to identify opportunities for Scaffolding existing relationships.

An introduction by Peter Fuggle:

Here, described live by Peter Fuggle during a training for AMBIT Local Trainers in 2014:

An example of a Pro-Gram is shown in The AMBIT Pro-Gram: an example

This is the equivalent of a geneogram but for the professional network. The technique is intended to be as simple as possible and can be adapted by a worker to their own style of working.
The basic idea is to make a drawing/map with the young person in the centre of the piece of paper and then to position professionals in the network in relation to the young person. It is the equivalent of a sculpt exercise on paper.
Those positioned closer to the young person have a stronger relationship than those positioned further away.
The aim is to be as inclusive as possible, to include teachers at school, and what may appear at first sight to be peripheral practitioners.
The diagram can also be used in a developmental sense in that it may highlight previous relationships with professionals which are no longer active. For example , a relationship with a previous social worker that was felt to be helpful may want to be included. A simple method of doing this is to discriminate between live and past relationships by using two different colours to mark these names on the chart .

The quality of relationships can be indicated - straight lines for postive (thick for more significant ones) and zig-zag lines for negative/conflicted relationships.