The AMBIT Pro-Gram: an example

29th August 2014

(Fictional) example:

Joe is a talented footballer who has stopped playing for his local side since getting into Cannabis use and low level running and dealing to pay for this. He has been convicted of shoplifting, and has an Order with the Youth Offending Team (YOT) - which he has started to see quite positively because he gets on well with his YOT worker (also a keen footballer). His low mood had led him to start self injuring (cutting) and he has started to see a therapist about this. His treatment is overseen by a psychiatrist because of serious threats to kill himself or others by setting fires that were made around the time of his initial arrest.

Although he initially got on quite well with his therapist, and was positive about this, he has recently been missing appointments, and appears to be drifting away from her. During the creation of the Pro-gram he reveals that he thinks that the Therapist and YOT worker "don't get on at all well" - though it is unclear how he has decided this, and whether they even actually know each other at all.

He has remained on good terms with his old football coach, but is still not going back to football.

A family support worker is dismissed as "working for my Mum" by Joe, and he denies ay connection between this man and anyone else in his network - describing him in neutral, disconnected terms.

He is annoyed at the fact that his Social Worker has changed recently - his previous one had been "funny" and he had felt that she "really got on with me". He compares his present one negatively with this.

He is entrenched in his aggressively negative views about the Police who he sees as "out to get me" and (perhaps because he first met her in a Police cell) he is equally negative about his psychiatrist, who he sees as "working for the Police".