Sculpting a network

29th March 2018


This is a "low impact" form of roleplay - minimal dramatic skills are required. A paper based version of the exercise is the The AMBIT Pro-Gram, and a more directly clinical tool that addresses the same topic of Dis-integration is the Dis-integration grid.

A Sculpt is one of the Training exercises AMBIT uses, and is designed to help teams to:

What you need

  • Space to move people around, chairs



  • Invite one person (or a small group) to describe a clinical scenario from their experience
    • Brief history of the case
  • Start with the index client, and arrange other figures in ways that reflect their relationship with each other
    • Close relationship - sit them close together, looking at each other
    • Distant relationship - sit them far apart
    • Consider whether you want them seated in a "face-off", or turned away from each other, etc, etc
  • Add all members of the immediate family first
    • Then extended family, peers, friends
    • Then significant others (Pastor, Imam, Coach, etc..)
  • Then complete the Professional network
    • with each professional, consider the 3 levels of dis-integration that the Dis-integration grid uses
      • What is their EXPLANATION for why they are involved: "What's the problem?"
      • What is their intended INTERVENTION: "What to do?"
      • What is their understanding of systemic RESPONSIBILITIES: "Who does what?"

  • Once the network is sculpted "as it is", ask key "players" to talk about how it might feel for their character to be in this position.
  • Try to re-organise the network
    • Re-arrange characters in ways that the main protagonists might start to experience them as more accessible, helpful, etc.
    • What are the barriers to such systemic change?
    • What are the most glaring Dis-integrations in the network?