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7th March 2018

What are you looking for?

Development work progressing!

Welcome to the first iteration of the newest theme (v.2.0) for the AMBIT manuals!

We are still in the middle of a major upgrade for these wiki-based manuals at the Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families, and over the coming months (From March 2018) you should start to see significant improvements at the user interface (faster to load, improved design and navigation, easier to edit, better display on mobile phones, etc.) as well as new or improved content based as ever on experiences from teams working in the field as well as developments in evidence and our experiences of creating a more "linear" story of AMBIT in the recently published book of AMBIT.

As ever, we crave Feedback please!

Editing of local versions of the AMBIT manual

After a hiatus, this is now possible again. If you already had membership of a local version of the AMBIT manual (if your team did an AMBIT training) and haven't yet done so, do contact ambit@annafreud.org and we can help you get a new username and password for our new site on the Anna Freud servers (https://manuals.annafreud.org). See Edit for instructions on how to edit local content, or (temporarily!) send your edits in to ambit@annafreud.org with details of who you are, which manual you want this to go into, and what the page heading is, etc.

Who is this manual for?

This manual is primarily for WORKERS, but it is OpenSource so that if clients or other interested parties are interested they are welcome to look, too - and some local teams encourage their clients to help them author new material, or improve existing pages. See Who is this manual for? and Current versions of the AMBIT manual; that page is just one of the Comparing and Sharing functions that support AMBIT as a growing Community of Practice

What's AMBIT?

AMBIT: an overview is a good place to start.

AMBIT is not really a standalone approach to "therapy", but is both something more general - an OpenSource approach to improving existing professional forms of help - and also something more collaborative - an endeavour by a Community of Practice that continues to learn and develop more effective, acceptable and sustainable ways of working. However, AMBIT is based around the core theory and practices of Mentalization -
a strongly evidence-based approach to organising therapy in a variety of ways, with a variety of difficulties, and is focused on applying these understandings systematically in four different directions:

What kinds of problems invite AMBIT as a response?

The basics of the AMBIT Wheel, which represents the Core Features of AMBIT, are explained here:

Important Legal stuff

There are important issues relating to Security and authorization to use this manual, and by going on into the manual you are agreeing to abide by the rules laid out.


The AMBIT programme is grateful to numerous early Sponsors, including Comic Relief, without whom this freely available resource would not be possible. We still need help to support this OPEN RESOURCE! If you would be happy to donate, visit https://www.annafreud.org or contact the AMBIT programme directly at ambit@annafreud.org